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My Mom's Chicken Soup

by - 4:22 PM

Previously, I've shown you soto ayam (chicken soup)
All of us have a great long weekend
We like to stay at home and enjoy Mom's cooking
Today, she decided making soto ayam
I smell the gravy
It must be delicious...

Here, soto ayam completely
 There are :
Fried chicken
Boiled egg 
Sambal (sauce)
Fried shallot
Fried onion
Sohun (vermicelli)
Kerupuk (chip)
Soup gravy

Just mix all of them and put it in the soup gravy
If you don't like sambal, then don't use it
You can eat this soto ayam with or without rice
Mangiare, my friends :-)

Thanks, Mom

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