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My Pearl

by - 4:07 AM


I walk through the coldness
I run through the night
Everything is finding your smile
The first time touching the skin of love
Words spreading everywhere

The stars blink blink in the sky
The moon is shinning brightly
The wind offers the warmness
The beauty of night is sparkling around

Wanna be part of his life tenderly
Calling his name all the time
Giving arms closely
And never want to be far away
As the love is around…
Only heart talks between us

Suddenly thunder rumbled hardly
All is gone… blown away like lightning breaking in the hard rain
Try to hide these tears in the rainfall
Might this time bring away the broken hearts?
Away…away…away…and away in a gloomy of life
Flying freely and breaking into pieces
Gone…my pearl is gone…

Written in 2009
Juliana Wina Rome

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