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Pesona Batik

by - 1:09 AM

I tell you something....I can make batik
Some of you must know 'what is batik'?
Batik is a cloth that traditionally uses a manual wax-resist dyeing technique
Yes, it's true...I don't lie
When I was at Senior High School, I have spent 2 years making batik
like T-Shirt, table cloth, or lamp cover
I always appreciate this experience
If I had time, I'll make it again

Batik is truly come from my country
It's very famous and now batik can go internationally


Adidas has produced their items and it has inspired by batik

I'm so proud !

If you come to Indonesia, you can buy lovely clothes made from batik
And choose your own style
Even you will have chance to make batik by yourself
or I'll teach you ;-)

Preparation :
Wax (beeswax & paraffin)
In Javanese, wax is malam ; beeswax is klowong

 Traditional small pan
Traditional small stove
Take the fabric and start to make batik
Do it carefully

Is it interesting?
I guarantee, you will like it
Every 2nd October, we celebrate 'BATIK DAY'
so all of people in Indonesian must wear it
Be stylish with batik

Source : Wikipedia

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  1. bajunya jessica alba kereeeeennnn

  2. @Yhosie : iyah,manteb yah.Ada artis Hollywood mau pake batik.


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