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Si Kocil

by - 5:01 PM

I thank God...some requests came to me
To write this...to write that...
It's wonderful

I have a chance to write an article,
my friend is the editorial staff of Si Kocil
Kocil stand for Koran Cilik,
it's newspaper for kid (pre-school)
It's cute right?
And this is my article
I just hope, it will useful for whoever the readers are,
especially KIDS absolutely

 "KOCIL" news paper for kids (Pre - School). Publish every week start from July 2011.Only Rp. 13.500,- / month. For order please contact us at Probolinggo TV, Jl. Raden Wijaya C23 Probolinggo city, East Java, Indonesia. Telp 0335-424423 / 082131395757

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