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2011 Best Picture

by - 12:15 AM

Can you imagine if your Dad is in the position like this?
What will you do?
He is hiding and hoping that he will be steady safe under this iron

This picture has been chosen as the winner at 
Pewarta Foto Indonesia 2010 (2010 Indonesia Photo Reporter) 
that was held in Jakarta, July 21, 2011
It's made by Maman Sukirman 
(photographer of Seputar Indonesia Newspaper)
The title is "Berlindung dari Bentrokan" (Under Protection Of Fight)

The man's name is Daeng Naba, he is 72 years old
He was trapped with fear in his face as there was a riot
between group of polices and students (University of Muslim Indonesia)
in Makasar, South Sulawesi

He wore sandals, held it, and prayed for his safety right there
Just because there was anti corruption day celebration 
on December 9, 2010... he must faced this scary day

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