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3 Colors

by - 9:02 PM

Huge and green forests
Warm sunshine in the morning and noon
Cold air at night
Traditional clothes, sarong as their skirt or pants
Friendly inhabitants, big smile everywhere
Cheap local food, fish, fruits, vegetables...
cassava, or brown rice as their trademark
Modest houses from straw, bamboo, coconut leaves
Transportation by horses, cow carriages
Rocky streets
And the spectacular one is 3 colors lake "KELIMUTU"
This is the sign in naming those characteristics


I always adore this place, where my Dad was born
He lived in a small village Iliwodo, Ndori, Flores, East Nusa Tenggara
before he moved to my hometown, Malang, East Java
I came there when I was two and sixteen years old, twice
It was amazing staying there

Every morning I had my breakfast with fried banana
Lunch with chicken soup and brown rice
Drank coconut water
Dinner with grilled fish, tuna or stingray
Everything cooked traditionally
Took some woods, drew a line by stones,
fired it, and put the wok or pan on it
It tastes more delicious

I played on the beach with my cousins, aunties, uncles
Walked with my bare foot on the white sands
Searched the shells
Sat down in the edge while cleaned up the oranges skin 
and tasted the sweet flavor

The top of it was KELIMUTU lake visitation
Totally gorgeous the view is!!!
When I was there, the colors were black, dark green, bright green
Only in Indonesia this miracle is
I could only stand up and take a deep breath, exhaled it 
Truly fresh air
Soekarno (1st President) monument was still existed, on top of the hill
I felt that my legs seems broken when I climbed it, so high, exhausted
But so excited when I could pass it and sit on a high place

I will show it to the whole world
and memorize it into a book
My next book will be a horror novel,
using Flores island as the setting
Just wait and see
And...I will dedicate it to my beloved uncle,
who has just passed away a month ago
Hope he likes it and reads it from heaven
RIP, Pakdhe...I miss you...

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4 komentar

  1. @Jessica : thanks so much,Jessica.It's taken from the internet actually,I haven't scanned my own photos when I was in Flores.Will show it later.Nice to meet you.

  2. These are beautiful photos you've found on the internet :p I really do love the blue ocean one

  3. @Shona : yup,a place where my Dad come from there.If you had time,come to Flores,I'll be your guide :-)


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