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Fruity Wine from Hungary

by - 9:03 PM

The weather in my hometown is cooler lately
I always wear thin sweater 
When my 3rd brother has just arrived from the office,
he offered me this
 I said : "Huh?"
It's true that I feel cold, but I can't drink alcohol,
just can't, it makes my heart is beating faster
My 3rd brother likes to drink wine,
and he often receive the gifts from his foreign friends
He asked me that he never drinks this one
He wondered how is it like?
Then it forced me searching at google.com

KEKFRANKOS ROSE is really delicious 
It's a pale color wine with floral and fruity aroma. 
It's flavours are complex.  
The tip of it says goodbye with warm alcohol. 
Light fruity brisk acids freshened with little carbon-dioxide.
Place of Origin : Hungary

"Don't you like fruits, Sis? This is fruity wine." He kept offering it to me.
"No,thanks. I prefer hot tea." I said and smiled to him, while I brought my glass of tea.

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