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My Mbah Kung

by - 2:09 AM

Do you have a grandpa?
I don't have it, neither from my Mom or my Dad, 
all of them have passed away peacefully
I never met my Dad's father, 
and I saw my Dad's mother when I was a little girl
I had a chance to live with my Mom's parents until I was teenager,
I was so close with Mbah Kung
Mbah kung is the way how to call grandpa in Javanese
His name is Raden Soeroso 
and he came from noble family in Madiun city, East Java
When Dutch still expanded their occupation in my country,
they always stayed respectfully to my great grandpa and great grandmother

I did remember when both of us sat down in the veranda
He smoked his cigarette through his pipe...
and kept looking to his plants collection in the small garden
He told me about his past when he became a soldier for Japanese troops,
named HEIHO

It was sad memory, when he must be sent into camps in primitive areas,
or his resistance in accepting the punch from Japanese commander
by using a gun, right in front of his face
I can imagine how strong he was 
Based on his story, he has been considered as a hero 
He fought with all of his strength 
to achieve the independence of my country

His favorite drink was coffee and he always asked me to serve it,
in the morning and noon
I was the one who often accompanied him to the drug store,
bought the medicine for his cough as he was addicted to cigarette,
or took his pension money every month
We went everywhere by riding his bicycle

As his eldest grandchildren, he taught me many things,
especially about personality
Woman must be soft, but in the same time she must be strong,
don't be the fragile one, he said
Woman must know about politeness or tata krama in Indonesian,
and must act as an educated person
Woman must be a good wife for her husband and 
a good mother for her children
Woman must be able to differentiate in using her dresses for
certain occassion

I asked him : "What do you mean, Mbah Kung?"
He said : "Don't wear pajamas when there is a guest comes to your house...
or go to the market...for example."
I laughed for a while. But he told me seriously about it
"People won't respect you...
if you don't know how to dress properly." He said again.

My Mbah Kung died because of stroke when I was in Junior High School
I turned into a deepest sadness at that time,
as he was my best friend and teacher also
One time after the funeral, 
I cleaned up his room and I found a small book,
it was his diary
I never thought that he liked to write
I caught in a special sentence inside
"Give your smile to everybody, but just give your love to one person only."
I smiled and I could figure that he wanted to teach me about loyalty

I wish he could see me right now as a mature woman,
or if he is still alive, I will take him to Copenhagen,
his best choice of destination for holiday
But the route has been changed by God, 
and HE has brought my Mbah Kung to the most beautiful place,
than any other countries or cities in the world

Rest in Peace, Mbah Kung
You can talk cheerfully with Pakdhe Benny right now
I will always miss you both
(cry mode on)

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