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Ndeso Food ;-)

by - 8:38 PM

I put the word traditional for my blog
You know why?
Because I like everything traditionally which comes from my country,
and I want to share it with people in the world
Culture, nature, art, and especially food

Today, my mom has steamed cassava
It's a gift from our neighbor
Meanwhile, my dad has requested her to cook spicy anchovy
Ah, it's time for ndeso food, I guess

NDESO is Javanese word,
it means something so traditional
When all it's done, then we gather in dining room,
and eat this
Steamed cassava
Spicy anchovy with sator 
It tasted more delicious
This ndeso food is very cheap,
but it's very healthy

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4 komentar

  1. Lek ndeso-ndeso ngene aku lak yo seneng se... ndelok iwak asin iku aku wis kudu nganclap monitor :)) Thanks for the post!

  2. @Kinner : hahahahaha.Sabar tha,ngelus dodo sek,ben ga nganclap",ga ilok.

  3. ben sopan titik, ngomong disik "permisi" moro dipangan monitore yo...

  4. @Kinner : iyogh,rodhok elit thithik,Ta.Ojok premanisme koyok Candra.


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