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Oh, Boarding House...!

by - 3:49 PM

Rent a small room, near with my old company,
it has made me grown up wisely and patiently

The room was warm, save, and comfortable
The most favorite moment when I could hear the rainfall from my room
I enjoyed my time calmly,
because of the smell of the earth and the fresh air

For 7 years I lived there, in big city, Jakarta
I never forget it
Passed the happiness, sadness, or even confusion...
I know how it felt, by myself, independently

Oh, boarding house...
You have planted many memories in my head,
and finally I able to write it on my 9th book
Kos : boarding house

Find this funny story (inside the book) 
"TERAPI JANTUNG" by Juliana Wina Rome
The price : Rp 37.000,-


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