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by - 3:48 PM

My 3rd brother opened my door room at night
He smiled and closed it again
I just wondered whether he has met beautiful actress or something
I continued my writing

Then I heard noisy sound in the dining room
"What are they doing?"
I didn't pay attention too much as I really enjoyed being busy
with my Ms. Word and music through my headset
For couple hours it sounds slowly, slower, and then silent
I looked at the watch and it has shown 12.00 o'clock
I guess that everybody have slept
I felt hungry...
Then I walked out from my room and stopped in front of dining table

Oh, Mr. Donald you've saved my stomach from starving
Hot tea at midnight was really a good friend
I would not leave chili sauce of course
It tasted perfect
I couldn't stand to see the melting cheese
McDonald is delicious
Thanks, Bro!

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5 komentar

  1. You lucky bum! It's almost 5 AM here where I am, and I think I REALLY could go for some midnight mcdonalds right about now, I'm starving lol!

    I haven't slept yet, I should get to it.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. @Shona : hahahahahahahaha.I can't stop laughing,go get it,Shona.Cheese burger is delicious.

  4. nice shot on the burger :) I think am going to get myself one too! cheese burger~~

  5. @Kinner : hahahahahaha,you're my 2nd victim,Ta.


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