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Perfect Place for Some Indonesian People

by - 4:38 PM

What did you feel if your money are stolen?
While you need it very much for daily needs
Angry, frustrated, stress, and confused
How much?
Ten dollars, 100, 1000, or even million dollars
You will say : "How could they do that to me?"
This question is always spinning around in my mind
Especially when I saw poverty is getting higher in my country
People are starving and dying 
They are begging for food
While some liars out there are living in luxury
I really want to send them to this palace
They can't escape, the sea is full with sharks and the water is very cold,
it can make the body is frozen
Can't choose the room or even negotiate with the jailers
Chill, dark, humid, and narrow
They will locked up so tight
Controlled and watched out every minutes
Feel the cold weather at night and its desolation

This is the perfect place for some Indonesian people
For corruptors, they are thieves! 

Al Catraz has been closed
I wish I could send a letter to Mr. Obama
Reopen this prison as I will place those people right there,
where they can regret their crime!

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