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Pisang Molen

by - 9:39 PM

"Dad, where are you going?" I asked and ran to him.
My Dad closed the gate. "I will go to the drug store...buy my medicine."
"Would you buy me pisang molen please?" I begged.
My Dad smiled. "Okay."

Pisang molen it's our traditional snack 
It's made from banana
Pisang : banana
Before it's fried, the banana is covered by skin from sweet flour,
then rolled it

Small, sweet, and so crunchy from its skin
There are two types of banana for making this pisang molen
It can be pisang kepok or pisang tanduk / candi

A mug of coffee is truly a good friend with this pisang molen
Keep writing my novel in high enthusiasm
 Thanks, Dad!

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2 komentar

  1. great info about pisang molen! :) -drool-

  2. @Kinner : seeep ;-) Do you want it? I still have some here, Ta.


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