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Roti Kukus

by - 1:01 AM

It's pinky!
This cake is shaped like a blossom flower
It seems that I smell vanilla aroma
Maybe it's included in the ingredients

Take a look of this, roti kukus...
Roti : bread ; kukus : steamed
It tastes so soft in the mouth,
imagine when you swallow cutton
It's more perfect with a cup of hot tea

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3 komentar

  1. yes, this pink roti looks delicious
    and perfect for coffee.

    please check out my blog- thanks!

  2. WHAT, this looks so delicious, I wanna try :( and its pink, how much more better could this get?

  3. @Cynthia : yes,you're right.I've become your follower already and I like your poems.They are lovely.
    @Shona : just come to my house and I will serve it for you,Shona.


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