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SI KOCIL Has Landed

by - 2:49 PM

What is my satisfaction today?
When I read my writing has published in newspaper
So lovely knowing it!

Yes, it's right
SI KOCIL has landed at my home
This is their 1st publication and I'm in it
It's a good reading for kids and parents
Come, be their customer
You will like it
 Thank you to my friend SRI HARTINI as SI KOCIL chief of editorial
She gave me a chance to write for her newspaper
I wish you good luck, my friend
Hope SI KOCIL will be famous in the future

My article
If you want to be a customer, you can contact :
Redaksi SI KOCIL
Jl. Raden Wijaya C23 Kota Probolinggo 
Telephone : +62 335 424 423

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