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Thinking About A Name

by - 8:51 AM

A couple weeks after my big uncle has passed away,
his wife came to my house and she brought something special from the past
My 3rd brother and I were amazed to see it
It's an old picture where my uncles and aunt stood there,
side by side, while my grandma sat in the middle

My family's name is Redu
I come from Redu generation
Actually my formal last name is Redu, but according to the custom,
I can't use it again once I got married
Although I'm still single at this moment...
I have a thought, I want something endless here,
My father's name is Goris Rome Redu
so I put my father's name behind, under Rome
Juliana Wina Rome...it's allowed :-)

My father was born in Flores, East Nusa Tenggara,
well yeah...he has an afro hair and black skin
Like me, but I have straight hair similar with my mom
We laughed when we directly looked at his style
He looked so trendy, no wonder if my mom fell in love with him
Memories are lovely to be remembered
My grandma's name is Maria Doa, she has 10 children
These are who stay in my hometown, 
the rest are my aunties who live in Flores
My father is number 3 from the right, no smile
"Why so serious, Dad?"

A big family with its name arrangement
It's quite complicated
I just think, where I'm gonna put my husband's name someday,
and what will it be?
I prefer Cooper, JW Rome Cooper
That would be great
*hope Bradley Cooper will read this*
*daydreaming mode on*

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2 komentar

  1. Cooper :) ahahaha sipppppp hahhaa... btw, film-e dhee sing "Limitless" dhee jadi penulis lho... hehehe... dhee ya jadi producer-e...

  2. @Kinner : ojok ngguyu tha lah,Ta.Krungu jeneng Cooper ae aku wis ndredeg ga karuan.Wah,tak catet film'e.


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