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じてんしゃ : Jitensha

by - 10:22 PM

 I'm always happy when some of my friends got married with
citizens from outside Indonesia
It means that I can get knowledge from them
Sharing each other and learning new culture

Let's fly to Japan now! 
My friend has just stayed in this country for couple months
She is confused with question why Japanese always look healthy 
and have long age
She can't figure the reason until she realized it 
She starts to love a country who is famous with 1000 omatsuri 
and its earthquake

Lives in a warm city near Tokyo,
has made her takes a walk everyday in narrow and quiet streets
No crowded cars with their horns,
noisy, rude abuse, and chaotic
How it can be like that as if she compared to Indonesia,
this situation is seldom to find in many places

The answer is sepeda / jitensha / bicycle
Jitensha is a big replacement of cars...
without seeing the age ; young or old,
status ; rich or middle
gender ; male or female
Everybody is using bicycle for their transportation,
no matter what happen,
in a far or near distance....or in a hard raining
people stand by in their pedal

To gain their spirit, they make a modification to their bikes
Women put a basket and bassinet for the baby
Workers or students have special box for their luggage or books
And mostly the type of jitensha is practical crease
The amazing thing is that no obstacle whether they're
wearing high heels, nice suit, or formal shirt
Umbrella will be brought in their hand during rainy season
while they ride their bike, just like circus acrobatic scene

As a new inhabitant, my friend also has a jitensha with its basket forward,
its lamp which must be paddled faster to make it lighter,
and it becomes her friend to go around the city
She always brings a bottle and fills it with water as the energy
when summer is going crazy

For the security, it is guaranteed 
As long as the bicycles are parked in a row
Never be worried of the thieves
Parking lot is always provided in public areas,
such as in gardens, malls, libraries, etc
It can be locked or not
Nice huh?
Unfortunately the space is limited,
and it often makes the collision with the pedestarian
Lucky, Japanese are educated well morally
and they try hard to avoid it

Finally, the answer is found easily
Japanese looks young and stay healthy because of jitensha
In their daily life, they work without servants,
fetch their children by themselves, no driver
By foot to the station or shopping

Meanwhile, it's completely different with Indonesia
Luxurious cars everywhere
Rich and poor live side by side 
that has made a jealousy existence between them 

Ah, what a sharply differences
Japan is very modern country, but they praise traditional things
They knew well the purpose
A health, pollution reduction, and global warming
Jitensha is like their valuable jewelry,
as it brings many benefits especially for the environment

Hopefully, Indonesian will take a look of this positively
How Japanese really care with their own health
and for the love of earth
Why only in Jogyakarta (Middle Java, Indonesia), 
people like to ride bicycle?
Where are the rest?
Are they busy to develop extravagance style?
Come on, let's change

 Source :
Ichikawa-shi, Suiyoubi, 
August 24, 2011
Safirta Sakai

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