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The Legendary!

by - 7:06 AM

Some of you surely can't guess how is it like?
Or how it tastes?
I present you...
The legendary food!!!

A food which always exists everywhere,
consumed by mostly Indonesian people
cheap, healthy, and delicious,
and easily find in many traditional markets

Here it is...
 People in my country can cook this with various recipes,
or combine it with meat, chicken, vegetable, or other ingredients
But, I often eat it originally
I pulverized the salt, garlic, and stir it with water,
put the tempe inside, mix it, and then fry
 I prefer to fry it a little bit longer,
so it will taste crunchy

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4 komentar

  1. Tempe is indeed THE legendary food. 100% agree!

  2. @Kinner : yeap!Never bored eating it.

  3. And the one you posted is the best way to make tempe goreng :)))

  4. @Kinner : hehehehe,thank u much,Ta.The most simple one.


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