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Lemper Bakar

by - 8:30 AM

My Grandma has passed away a long time ago
But her best recipes are still alive endlessly
So I myself as one of her grandchildren is still able to enjoy various food
which is mostly come from Manado as she was born there

Now, there is family gathering in my house
It's about 35 people have stayed for a week
Although I'm a Roman Catholic, my relatives are Moslem
As I don't have grandpa and grandma anymore,
plus my Mom is the oldest child, they always come and spend their holiday
in Malang, lucky that I have some rooms for them to take a rest

It's time to eat
Hhm, lemper bakar!!! 
This food is made from glutinous rice, covered by banana leaf,
the content is abon tuna, and it's grilled
As we know that abon is shredded meat that has been boiled and fried,
but at this time, we use spicy tuna

Wanna try?

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