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Let's Sing Indonesia Raya

by - 3:20 PM

Today is historic day
All of the people in my country is facing the flag
and giving a fully respect
August 17...is the Independence Day of my country
It has been 66 years we all live independently
Blood, sweat, and energy were our heroes sacrifice
We must always remember it

Welcome to Indonesia

I will take you flying over my beautiful country,
with our flag carrier

The flight is landing from one island to another
I guarantee you will open your eyes widely


When you have arrived, 
you will see this happiness in every places

 As my country is consist of 13,466 islands...33 provinces...
with 238 million people,
I can't write everything about my country all here,
my blog page won't be able to support it
Well, I'm just taking some representatives from big islands only
Come with me to take a look of our traditional clothes
You know what, in one island, there are many ethnics
with its different culture also
Amazing right?

One of Sumatera Traditional Clothes

One of Kalimantan Traditional Clothes

And last, the most popular island in the world

Are you satisfied? Or you feel that the time is too short?
Do you want to stay longer in my country?
With wide arms open, big smile, and our high hospitality,
Let's sing Indonesia Raya, my Indonesian friends
Just feel the pride of being the Indonesian :-) 
May God bless Indonesia all the time

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4 komentar

  1. Lovely post!

    I learned some things from ya!

    & might I add, it looks gorgeous there! I need to visit yeah? :p

  2. @Shona : thanks so much,Shona.My pleasure,I will welcome you here :-)


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