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My 12th Book!

by - 12:56 PM

I always feel happy when all steps during book process has been done
In the end is publication time
I will be relieved very much

Just like today
My 12th book has been published
It's story about the earth,
what will you do for it as lately the place for our life 
seems facing a damage
And I have written something in this book

Being chosen by some brilliant and talented persons,
editor, chief of journalism, and contributor of one famous newspaper in my country, I'm so proud
They like my writing

The royalty of this book is for charity
It will be given to GREENPEACE foundation 
to support their tree planting project

Thanks so much to Kang Yoyon and Michaela as the coordinator 
You can purchase this book online at www.nulisbuku.com
The price is Rp 35.000,-

Let's save the earth!

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