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Pasar vs Supermarket

by - 8:22 AM

One day, I would like to catch my flight at 6.00 am
At that time, there was still no commercial airport in my hometown,
so I went to the nearest one
It took 2,5 hours, I started going at 2.00 am
Along my way, I saw many traditional merchants has brought their products,
fresh vegetables, chickens, eggs, chili, fish
They rode their bikes successively on the street
 They would come to one place, it's pasar
I could only feel amazed to see their spirit

What is pasar? 
We name a place to buy and sell various staple supplies is pasar
Pasar is identically with traditional thing
Ancient area, crowded, muddy when it's raining, noisy,
messy, smelly, and mostly are dirty

But hey....this pasar has been existed since a long time ago
We like to bargain each other
When the merchant says no, we keep asking, until it's deal to the lower price
Nice huh?

This is what I like most when I go to pasar
I meet old woman with kebaya
She will speak in Javanese politely
Kebaya : Javanese traditional clothes for women

As we enter modern era right now
People has made innovation 
Luxurious supermarkets are spreading everywhere
They offer freshness, cleanliness, neatness, and completeness
And pasar seems to be abandoned 

Well, yeah...world has changed
I just hope that pasar won't be dissapeared
Because we can buy our needs in the very early morning,
while supermarket...we have to wait...averagely they open at 9.00 am
plus we can't bargain 
And I don't want to miss this food, as it only be sold in pasar

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