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Pohong Keju

by - 7:14 PM

My dad asked me to accompany him this noon
I thought he would like to go to restaurant
*always hope about the food*
But...both of us went to supermarket
And suddenly my mom joined with us also

We took various products,
well yeah...for our daily needs
such as soap, detergent, toothpaste, sugar, instant noodle,
candy, shampoo, flour, oil, seasoning, washing-up liquid,
mopping-up liquid, clothes fragrance liquid, biscuit, and body lotion
 I brought all of it in plastic bag
It was quite heavy

My dad wondered whether I was hungry,
and he offered me two choices
Meatball soup or chicken soup

But I was still full, so I chose this
Pohong keju
Pohong is Javanese word, means cassava...while keju is cheese
This cassava is deeply fried, so it tasted crunchy and quite salty
I kept wondering, where is the cheese?
Is it melting or what?
Ah, never mind...it's delicious anyway

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