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Sagu Keju

by - 1:50 PM

I often spend my time for writing at night
It's so peaceful...
When I open my room window, feel the wind,
quite moment, hear the crickets sound, and drink my hot coffee 
It's heaven, I guess

My mom always reminds me not to be like that,
as she said that's not good for my health
But I'm stubborn, I keep doing it

One time, she opened my door and saw me still busy with my laptop
I looked at her and I thought that she would be angry with me
"Here." My mom said. 
Then she closed the door again to continue her sleep.
While me? Keep smiling by myself
As she gave me a jar of sagu keju
Sagu : sago ; Keju : cheese

This cookie is delicious
It's melting on the tongue when I put it in my mouth
Hhmmmm....soft, sweet, and crunchy cheese 
It's combined perfectly
What a blessing night!
Thanks, Mom :-)

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