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Stick Tahu

by - 8:26 PM

I'm sure that everybody is familiar with cheese sticks
It's cheesy and crunchy snack
As the price of cheese in my country it's quite expensive for some people,
then...we make another stick, by fried

It's made from tofu, another snack from Kediri city, East Java
Tahu : tofu
I like to eat this stick tahu, because it tastes salty and crunchy
Well, no cheese stick is still alright
We got the substitute
Hhm, sit down in front of TV and eat this
Nice ;-)
By the way, this is a picture of cheese stick
Cheese Stick

Which one do you like?

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4 komentar

  1. Nggarai kangen stick tahu poo~~~

  2. @Kinner : wenak yogh.Berarti milih stick tahu yogh timbang cheese stick?Wkwkwkwkwk.

  3. Nah iku, pertanyaane sing terakhir iku susah njawabe... kabeh gelem soale hahahaha~ -nggragas mode on-

  4. @Kinner : hahahahahah.Podho lek iki karo aku.Kabeh di untal.


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