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Things What I Hate Most!

by - 10:37 AM

Plane. When the bad weather comes and I feel like
an egg which is stirred up in a high speed. Oh,Lord! 

Altitude. I hate to be in the high building.

Elevator. Make me dizzy and want to puke.

Snake. Don't know how to describe this animal. Disgusting.
Cat. If someone will give me million dollars for taking care a cat,
I'm not interested.

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4 komentar

  1. Love how you describe yourself being an egg stirred in high speed :) Leh, Win, tas eruh aku lek kamu benci kucing~

    A good one!

  2. @Kinner : tenan,Ta.Ndek pesawat iku ga tenang aku,wedi puol.Arek" wis eroh kabeh lek aku ga seneng kuceng,mangkane gelek di gudoi,uncalono kuceng ae Wina.

  3. Eala, pantesan, tapikir lah lapo diuncali garfield ngono hahaha...

  4. @Kinner : mbencekno kok jan'an.Garfield.Argggh.


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