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Udang Penyet

by - 11:24 AM

Yesterday, when my mom went to the market,
I said to her that I really wanted to eat shrimps
And she bought it for me

She asked me whether it must be cooked by using spices or just fried
I chose to be fried only
I want to make it as udang penyet
Udang : shrimp
This is what we call traditional thing here
Penyet means pressing the dish with pestle on a mortar,
together with the sambal
Sambal : sauce

After the shrimps has fried, I made my own sambal
I pulverized the chili, tomato, terasi, and gave a little of lime squeezing
Terasi : dried shrimp paste
And then I pressed the shrimp
Here we go!
My perfect lunch, hot rice and udang penyet

Thanks, Mom :-)

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