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Ayam Penyet

by - 10:32 PM

Today, I have spent my lunch together with my parents and my cousin
We ate and shared stories each other

I like this food very much
I ordered
I took the hot rice and of course...
a waiter has served this ayam penyet too
It's tantalizing you know

Ayam means chicken
Penyet is pressing the food on a mortar by using pestle
After sambal is ready, they put the chicken on it 
and don't forget to press it pretty hard,
so it can be united perfectly

Sambal is sauce, a combination between bird eye chili,
tomato, salt, lime, and dried shrimp paste
There are basil and cucumber too



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2 komentar

  1. From the mortar... seems like it's Bu Kris' Ayam Penyet? Anyway it looks great!

  2. @Kinner : Bu Kris menu is delicious.But this ayam penyet is served by Depot 29 at Lawang, Ta.Have you been there before?It's quite expensive.Lucky me,it's yummy also.


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