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Es Blewah

by - 3:04 PM

The weather is so hot today in my hometown Malang
I really want to eat something juicy and fruity
But I'm still sick, keep coughing all the time
I hate it, hard flu that makes my body weak

I can only drink hot tea
I kept standing beside my mom when she shaved blewah,
while I swelled my saliva 

Blewah is our local fruit here, it's similar with melon
She put the ice, and then mixed it with selected coconut cream
It tastes rubbery and sweet
Oh, add it with sugar
This es blewah looks good
Es : ice

But, I can't drink it :-(

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4 komentar

  1. Salam kenal... kunjungi juga blog saya, 'Master Chef' di http://gedekaz.blogspot.com/
    memuat dasar memasak,healthy food, higiene dan sanitasi makanan, resep. Thanks a lot...

  2. @Gedekaz : salam kenal juga,thanks for visiting my blog.I'll stop by at yours too.

  3. Nice article on es blewah. Hope you've fully recovered from your flu~

  4. @Kinner : thank u much,Ta.Yup,I'm okay right now.I'm healthy again.


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