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Es Cincau

by - 9:13 AM

Yesterday, the weather was pretty hot
It seems that cold drinks would be nice
Then my mom told me to make this

I like it, cincau is our local gelatin, made from cincau leaf extract
It tastes rubbery and soft

So, I prepared the big bowl and the ingredients also
There are cincau, seaweeds, palm fruits, selected coconut cream,
and cocopandan syrup (it's coconut & screwpine leaf)

Mixed all of them with cold water and ice cubes

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2 komentar

  1. enyak enyak enyak ...
    beberapa minggu lalu emang panas banget ..
    thank God,
    skrg udah mulai normal lg ;)

  2. @Yhosie : iyah.Tp tetep klo tdr aku pake sweater.


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