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Have you ever been to Jogyakarta?
This place is so amazing
Live with purely Javanese culture,
has made this place always look traditional

One of their famous food is gudeg
And last night my 3rd brother wanted to eat it
"Sis, had your dinner already?" He opened my room door.
"Not yet." I said.
"Do you want to go with me? I want to buy gudeg." He said.
"Okay." Then I brought my camera.

Gudeg is come from Jogyakarta
All of the dishes are cooked with sweet flavor,
and it's using coconut milk squeezed
There are chicken, soybean cake / tempeh, raw jackfruit,
egg, cecek 
Cecek is kulit sapi (cow skin)
 Oh, you can't imagine how soft those dishes are
 It seems that we don't have to chew it :-)
The place is designed modestly
Spread out the rug on the side walk
People can sit down there while they enjoy the food
The banner

The pushcart with the menu on the mirror

 Some boxes to place the various dishes
Including the frying pan
The vendor wrapped the food

Sit down with cross-legged
And eat this yummy gudeg
Narrow space to serve the drinks 
and wash the dirty dining tools

One complete portion of gudeg without rice is Rp 14.000,-
This place is near with my house
Five minutes with motorcycle
Please come...:-)

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2 komentar

  1. 14rebu kagak pake nasi ?
    hhmm.. mahal juga yah ?

  2. @Yhosie : mahal tha?Setauku gudeg emang mahal.Ada yg murah?Let me know...wkwkwkwkwk.Ini menu komplit even ga pake nasi.


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