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Kembang Gula Kelapa

by - 3:32 PM

Well, another neighbor has delivered a gift for my mom
Sometimes I hope it will be done everyday, by turn
So that my drawer will be full with various snacks
*devil's laughter mode on*

It's kembang gula kelapa
White, pink, yellow, and bright green
Looks lovely
Kembang : flower // Gula : sugar // Kelapa : coconut
It's crunchy
This is made from coconut scraping
And it's combined with sugar

Wanna try?
It's delicious
I just remembered when I was in a college
I often asked my friend Sri Hartini to accompany me bought this
She laughed when I told her
She becomes SI KOCIL Chief of Editorial
When she misses some food from my hometown Malang,
she will come here and enjoy the culinary

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2 komentar

  1. eeuughhh ..
    i dont have any courage to eat this now....

    not yet

  2. @Yhosie : tp kt Meggie Z...lbh baik sakit gigi drpd sakit hati.(lho opo seh hubungan'e iki?)


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