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Sweet Surprise @ 34

by - 7:11 PM

On Saturday, I went to the church with my family
After the Mass was over, we took our dinner at small restaurant
While I ate my fried rice seriously...
There was a phone call to my second brother's cell phone
He looked wondered, as it came from one of my best friend
He gave it to me and she asked where was my position

I just thought, if she wanted to know about it,
why she didn't call directly at mine?
I checked it once again, there was no missed call in my cell phone
I was afraid if I didn't hear the sound when she called me

She informed me that she would like to give me a call later
Okay, my family and I went home after we're full already
But the strange was...
I saw my best friends have already stood up in front of my house

Oh, Lord!
They just kept laughing without reason
So, three of us entered my house and we shared story each other
My friends requested hot tea
Okay, I made it
When I got back to the living room
There was a candle on yummy doughnuts

Aww, it made me screamed with my teary eyes
I was so shocked to see that
The clock was near to 12.00
It has shown 11.30 pm (on September 17, 2011)
My shocking face

 And I never thought before, they would do it
It was so wonderful
They gave me a DVD, a Bradley Cooper movie
*perfectly collapse in front of them*
 We played cards (UNO) in my room

I kept thinking until now
It was beautiful moment with my best friends
I had a meaningful happiness
It was a sweet surprise when I reached 34 years old,
on September 18, 2011

Best friends are forever
Thank you so much guys
You're my sweet jewelry

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2 komentar

  1. played UNO! ?? huh!! LIAR .. LIAR

    btw,. check out those books.. :))
    we've arranged them already wakaka

  2. @Yhosie : hahahahahahahahah.Already checked it. And thanks for made me confused for two days.


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