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A Willingness

by - 11:22 PM

They're often angry
Screaming, reminding, teaching
They work hardly since their love is united under sacred marriage
No matter what they're tired,
rainy, stormy, or the hot sun
They keep struggling

Always stand up whenever they're needed
Join in every happiness or even the saddest things
Oh, Lord....
I open my teary eyes and look upward
Keep begging and whispering my prayer 
Please give the long life for my beloved parents
Cover them with Your blessings
Health, protection, love harmony, and joyful

I love them with all of my heart
And how much I want to show them a pride
upon everything from their children
I beg You, Lord....on bended knee
Give us a chance for it
Soften their rough hands
Also paint smiles and laughter in their face


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2 komentar

  1. heheheh...
    finally im here again!

    trying so so sooooo hard to get up on my feet and write again

    wish me luck! :D

    i wish ur parents a happy life!
    and same for you too!!


  2. @Yhosie : AMEN.Thank u much,Chi.Come on,wake up,wake up!You're my mentor.


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