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Bunga vs Burung

by - 4:31 PM

I adore my hometown very much
A place where I can buy many delicious food
I like the fresh wind

Once you move your steps in front of town hall,
and then see the monument with its fountain
Ah, I guarantee....Malang is beautiful

There are two favorite places, especially for international tourist
Pasar : market
Bunga : flower
 A lot of tropical plants 
You can choose it to beautify your garden

Burung : bird
You can't imagine, so many bird types here
This area sounds noisy as they keep chirping
Their friends also stay near them,
such as snakes (I hate it), crickets, harmsters,
chickens, rabbits, puppies, cats (my enemy),fishes,
monkeys, frogs
 If you're tired, don't worry
There are shops or even traditional food carts :-)

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