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by - 3:40 PM

This church has been there since I was a little girl
My Dad always comes here every Sunday for the Eucharist Mass
But since I have moved to another house,
I seldom pray here anymore as I have my own peaceful
sanctuary to speak each other with my Lord Jesus

Gereja Kayutangan was built by Dutch 
The design is simple compared to the churches in Europe
Gereja : church
Kayutangan : area name

 The front
 The altar, I feel like heaven here
So quiet
 My friend said her prayer
 My sacred mother
 (whispering mode on)
"Jesus, will you please look upon me?"
"I need your blessings"


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2 komentar

  1. ooowww kaya begini toh dalemnya ?
    br pertama kali liat hehehehhe

  2. @Yhosie : yeap.Tergolong sederhana.Kata tmnku itu,klo di Eropa,wuiiiii....bnyk detailnya n rata" mewah arsitekturnya.
    *mbathin : mek isok mbayang"no karo ngeleg idu mode on*


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