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by - 1:41 PM

When I entered this place...
One thing that I wanted to do was asking my future 
Hehehehehe, kidding
*but I'm still curious until now*

Here, take a look of this
My steps in Klentheng
Klentheng : Chinese Temple
"Where is my pocket camera anyway?"

 This is the oldest Klentheng in Malang
The entrance

I like to watch this flame
I imagine the eternal spirit, hope, and love

Pretty lanterns


The painted door
 The sacred

Unique and ancient right?
Come....visit this Klentheng at my hometown

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2 komentar

  1. Nice posts about places of interest in Malang :) I was bengong of what to show around there last time a friend came to visit. I will take these for sure as reference for future visits :)
    There used to be a rujak-cingur seller in klentheng (on the right hand side after you enter the gate), wonder if the ibu is still there :)

  2. @Kinner : hahaaaahaha,thank u much,Ta.You're confused because you're too busy thinking about the food in Malang.She wasn't there anymore.Or maybe she just went away after she saw my back. (krowok)


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