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Another great time on Sunday, 02 Oct
I had a meeting with some kind of setan
Do you know the meaning of it?
Setan means evils

So, my best friends and I have decided to visit this place
There is no blood or dead human organs
It's just a quite big house with a lot of people inside
As my third brother has dropped me and then he went away to his friend's house, I looked around, to find where are they?

Ah, finally we met and sat down comfortably
Just like usual, we shared stories while we never stopped laughing
*thinking : it seems that we are the evils themselves*

We ordered the famous menu
Mie : noodle
Well, the special thing is that...the food is cooked by using a lot of chili
You can choose it by yourself
If you are chili lovers, eat it until your stomach is dancing

My best friends has made a bet, whether I could eat it or not
And the result is...I won...I ate a plate of MIE SETAN for level 1
Level 1 is using 12 bird eye chili

Level 1 : 12
Level 2 : 25
Level 3 : 35
Level 4 : 45
Level 5 : 60
This noodle is served with a slice of burger meat, 
a steamed ravioli filled with meat, fried wonton, 
lettuce, and chicken sowing

And the drinks are also funny
It's named by Indonesia evil names
Such as genderuwo ice, tuyul ice, pocong ice

I ordered genderuwo ice, served in big glass,
it's pretty delicious, fresh with syrup and various fruits
  While my best friends prefer tuyul ice
Tuyul is an evil which is kids incarnation
So the glass is small
*they are a little bit unsatisfied*

Do you have a courage to eat this food?
Please come to MIE SETAN cafe in Jalan Bromo, Malang, East Java
Feel the hot sensation once you chew it at the first spoon
Oh, I've got the news....so far the winner is a woman,
who could eat it with 70 bird eye chili
*suddenly I felt that my tongue has moved out 
from its place when I knew it*
My order, MIE SETAN with 12 bird eye chili
Can you see that small glass? It's Tuyul Ice

The menu and chili level

My best friends order, MIE SETAN with only 3 bird eye chili

The bar, the waiter is making the drinks

My best friends

People are queuing...waiting for the empty tables

Genderuwo Ice

Last, my best friend paid to the cashier
Take a look of those order papers :-)

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