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by - 2:01 PM

Mostly people eat by using complete tools,
fork, spoon, knife
But have you tried it by using a hand?
You can't believe it,
that is the most comfortable way especially for the Javanese
We call it muluk

If you come to Java, you will see it in many places
Lock the dish with all of your fingers,
and then bring it into your mouth,
pull it with your thumb
Easy or difficult?
Just try ;-)

These are my relatives when they enjoyed their lunch in my house
Take a look of their hands
That's muluk

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2 komentar

  1. heard that by using our hand to eat, it will activate the sensory nerves located in our fingers, so the food will taste more delicious :)

  2. @Kinner : really?Hhm, I see.I will remember this,Ta.


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