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by - 4:48 PM

I have new friends from Montreal, Canada
My cousin Agung West who introduced me to them
They're very nice couple...friendly....
And they like jokes

Just like usual, mostly tourists are eager to visit old places
After we walked here and there under the hot sunshine
We stopped by at TOKO OEN
The legendary restaurant which is built by Dutch many years ago

Let's take the tour with me :-)
 We discussed to choose the table
 Looked for my pocket camera
Welcome in Malang

So comfortable to be here
 The waiter always stands by, with the white uniform

Read the menu
Found the best food
Trust me, we didn't talk about politics, 
it was only the recipe and food ;-)

Delicious! Special Fried Rice
Lontong and sate
Lontong : steamed rice
Sate : small pieces of meat (from cow) roasted on the skewer

Dessert! Yummy, various flavors of ice cream

There are pastries and cookies here


Last, my friends came into my house
We drank local ice tea, Gopek
They liked it (fiuhhh...I'm glad very much)

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