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Pasar Klojen

by - 3:17 PM

My new friends requested to come here
They wanted to see the activities
So, I brought them to Pasar Klojen

Pasar : traditional market
The name Klojen came from ke-loji-an
Loji is a name for the Dutch fortress,
while originally...the word loji is logie (French) means accommodation
The conclusion is the military accommodation that was inside the fortress 
and built in the year 1767 at the left bank of the Brantas River. 
The Klojen market is located at the intersection 
between Klojen Lor (now Patimura Street) 
and Sophia Street (now Cokroaminoto Street)
Source http://malangtempodoloe.blogspot.com/
 I explained to them about tempeh (soybean cake),
lontong (steamed rice), and many kind of Indonesian spices

Showed them what is jamu and the ingredients
Jamu : herbal medicine
How it's good for the body as there is no negative effect,
and cheap also
Last, I explained about jajan pasar
Hehehehehe, they looked interested very much
Jajan : traditional cakes that are sold in pasar 
They knew onde onde, ah...amazing
Finally the bought bika ambon and wingko
Hope they like it :-)

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