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Speechless about My Dad

by - 1:09 PM

One, two, three, four, five, finally it's fifteen cigarettes...in a day
I really want to beat him with pillow sometimes
But I can only scream and talk a hundred thousand times,
when I saw my Dad is smoking

He's really enjoying it a lot
I have explained the danger, the effect, the diseases...
He doesn't care, he closes his ears

I'm sad actually...deeply
Because I can see how the condition of his lungs are,
without rontgen 
It must be very unhealthy

He also always breaks the rules about the food
Consuming any kind of dishes
and not knowing it will cause another illness
Oh, Lord....how could I advise him?
I really want to take care of him and make him steady healthy

I wish he will change his bad habits
Dad, please listen to me...

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2 komentar

  1. same story ...


  2. @Yochi : yeap :-) Just like what we talked yesterday.


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