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by - 6:56 PM

I'm still single
And when I watch my Mom everyday,
sometimes I think that her works are so hard and a lot
It has been been done since I was in the womb
 Wow! She's very strong
Physically and mentally

But I'm sad these days
She can't walk as her hip and her legs are having seriously damage,
She has fallen to the floor before
Oh, how it makes me turning into silence
She can't cook, one of her hobby
"Don't worry, Mom."
We will find the way for the treatment
I'm sure that you can be healed
We have Jesus, we do believe in Him
He will show us the best solution

I will take care of you with all my heart
I love you so much, Mom
Trust me, everything will be okay
AMEN in the name of Jesus

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2 komentar

  1. hope Mama Wina will get well soon. I'm a big fan of her cooking (so far from pictures). Sending prayers from Taiwan

  2. @Kinner : thank u so much,my friend.


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