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Oseng Pare

by - 3:48 PM

I don't like this vegetable in the beginning,
as it tastes bitter
But my mom keeps forcing to try it
She convinces me it's delicious

She prepared the spices and then started frying
It smells good
Finally I ate this oseng pare
Oseng : fried ; Pare : bitter gourd
I like it, hehehehehe

She told me how to lose the bitterness
When it has been sliced, squeeze it by using salt,
wash it, then you may cook it
You can add it with salty fish or tuna
Bitter gourd has some benefit for health,
Blood Disorders, Cholera, Diabetes Mellitus,
Energy, Eye Problems, Hangover,
Immune Booster, Piles, Psoriasis,
Respitory Disorders, Toxemia
The update research also said this vegetable is useful
for the HIV retardation

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