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#Tribute To Mocca : My 22nd Book!

by - 7:00 AM

What do you feel if you received an email,
and it informed that you're chosen?
About what?
To write story for famous band

My eyes were opened widely,
kept asking by myself...was it real?
Oh, you can't imagine how happy I am,
until finally this book has been published,
and becomes my 22nd one

Mocca is popular in my country
They bring their own unique genre
Unfortunately, they're vacuum for a while
So the purpose is...to raise the memories of their beautiful songs
as the story inside is truly based on their masterpiece

Please purchase it online at www.nulisbuku.com
The price is Rp 40.000,-
I'm more proud and honored,
when this book is testified by Soleh Solihun (journalist of Rolling Stone),
Marine Ramdhani (Fast Forward Records owner,Mocca record label),
n Indie (Indonesian musician).
What are you waiting for?


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