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Another Version of Ayam Bakar

by - 2:00 AM

I have finished my shower
Sat down in front of my laptop,
and I would like to continue writing
But suddenly my 3rd brother knocked my door
"Sis, your friends are coming!"
I furrowed...
What for? They didn't say anything in the whole day

When I opened the gate,
they were busy and seriously talked on the phone
I've just known that one of my best friend left her wallet
Oh, my!
Lucky that her friend has kept it safely finally

Back to the main topic
They brought something in the small box,
and insisted me joining with them to eat
*I really want to kill them as they destroyed my diet program*

Well, okay then
I started to bring three plates, spoons, and two mugs for them
They liked drinking hot tea, while I preferred water
Just like usual,
we shared stories, made jokes, and laughed like crazy people

This is another version of ayam bakar
Ayam : chicken ; Bakar : grilled
It's deep grilled by using spices and ketchup
I tell you, it's very delicious!
Take a look of the shallot on it
Super yummy!
Thank you so much, guys :-)

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2 komentar

  1. Jadi ngiler ya, mbak.. hihi..

    salam kenal.. Saya merasa amaze krn mba udah nerbitin banyak buku di nulisbuku.. :)

  2. @Rhein : hahahahahaha,di lap yah,jgn ampe netes.Salam kenal juga.Thank u much for ur attention.


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