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Coffee and Me

by - 9:42 AM

Who doesn't know coffee?
Hot or cold, this drink is delicious
I myself addicted to it
It's like my electric generator

I always make a cup of coffee everyday
But my brothers and my best friends keep reminding me
Just one, not more than that

Coffee is great for me
I can stay focus with my works after I consumed it
It builds the concentration automatically

When I'm sad, nervous, empty, confused,
I can be cured by coffee
And I tell you what...
Hot coffee near my laptop,
it makes my adrenalin runs faster

I love coffee!

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4 komentar

  1. So this is the significant motivator behind all the good books :) Btw, a good article :)

  2. @Kinner : hahahahaahha.Yes,it's true.
    @Yhosie : ah,my reminder machine,xixixixixixi.


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