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Flores Snacks

by - 6:10 PM

I'm happy 
 My dad has come from Flores, East Nusa Tenggara
He arrived yesterday
He spent his holiday for three weeks right there,
as his last visitation was eight years ago
I'm sure that he missed his relatives very much

He brought some snacks
It's traditional one
These are famous, it's named by using Flores language
Triplet : hu'u, hibi, and jagung titi

It's made from corn, pulverized hardly until it changed into crumbs
Be careful if you're eating it, don't talk...
otherwise you will get choke

This is dry rice and then fried without oil

Jagung titi
Jagung : corn
First step, the corn is dried
And then pulverized softly and also fried without oil
It's nice if we are eating it while watching television
But I like to choose my own flavor
I put jagung titi or hu'u on the plate
Pour it with hot water, give it sugar, stir it
Trust me, it's so delicious

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