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Pepes Tongkol

by - 11:31 AM

A healthy food is being boiled or steamed
I adore the steamed one
Especially if the ingredient is fish

Pepes is Indonesian food which is processed by steaming
And mostly it's wrapped by using banana leaf
Tongkol : tuna

Oh, you don't know how much I like it
So yummmmyyyyyyyyy
It's spicy and the fish tastes very soft

I can spend two plates of hot rice
*sighed, ashamed*
I can't wait any longer every time I saw this delicacy food


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2 komentar

  1. Dear Wina, as much as I like your article, these pictures really tortured (and almost killed) me. This is my all-time favorite food. Regardless, a nice piece of article.

  2. @Kinner : hahahahahahaa.I'm so sorry,my friend.Thank u so much anyway.And I have sent the recipes too.Please check your Inbox at Facebook.


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