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What I Miss from JAKARTA

by - 3:22 AM

For almost nine years 
Yeap, that was the moment when I lived in this big city
The capital of my country Indonesia

I don't know, suddenly I miss it badly
The time when I went shopping with cheap price, 
varies, and super complete
Some places for hang out
List of my favorite delicious food, drink, dessert
And also sanctuary for having meeting with God

Well, I will visit this city never sleeps, again
I've already written the plan :-)

And of course other places too,
such as Pasar Baru, Blok M, Mangga Dua, Tebet,
Sabang Culinary, Sunda Kelapa Mosque Culinary
Ah, there are so many
I want to sit down in Dapur Coklat 
at Wijaya area, South Jakarta now 

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